Janavi Anand

Software Engineer

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/janavi-anand/
Github - https://github.com/janavianand


Backend NodeJS, ExpressJS, Sequelize, OAuth Authentication 2.0, C#, Asp.net web api, TypeORM
Frontend ReactJS, React hooks, Redux, Bootstrap, JavaScript ES6, Webpack, Babel, GraphQL, Typescripts, Material UI, Mustard UI, Styled components, Sass, Electron
Cloud Technology AWS Serverless functions, AWS API Gateway, AZURE Active Directory
Containers Docker, Docker-compose
Machine Learning Tensorflow, TensorFlowJS
Processes Travis CI, Kanban, Trello, Jira, Confluence, Agile Process Management with Scrum.
Database PostgreSQL, MySQL
Tests Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme, Jest, TestCafe, Cypress
Version Control GIT, Bitbucket


Andplus LLC - (September 2019 - Present)

EmDee - (June 2020 - Present)
Medical app that facilitates patients and providers to book appointment, conduct online consultation, share reports, reviews and feedback.
Tech Stack - NodeJS, ExpressJS, Jest, Postgres, TypeORM, Cypress, Ionic
  • Full stack implementation of patient’s profile, provider’s appointment details and pharmacy information
PSI - (June2020 - Present)
Development and implementation of Object detection NPM library used by a proctor to prevent people from adopting unfair practices during online examination.
Tech Stack - Tensorflow, Python, Tensorflow JS, Electron, Typescript
  • Design and built algorithm to track user head turn
  • Gather dataset and train Tensorflow model
  • Demo electron app implementing the above library
  • Studied and optimized the model
ColdChainTechnologies – (April2020 – June2020)
Web application that allows a client to place new orders, track orders in a live map and view order summary. The app integrates Azure Active directory for signing in, Epicor ERP systems and Sendum IOT API for the order information.
Tech Stack - Azure Active Directory – Single sign on - Multi- tenant B2C, Asp.net Core 3.0, Microsoft Graph API, JWT, React Hooks, Typescripts, Material UI, Sass, OData 2.0, MySQL, Bamboo
  • Integrated Azure Active Directory, Epicor API and Sendum API with the app
  • Full stack Implementation of the client order form and summary view of the same
  • Live order tracking implementation
Bloomberg – (Sept2019 – March2020)
Surveillance app that monitors Bloomberg systems for sensitive data. The app was transitioned from Ember JS to React JS.
Tech Stack - Ember JS, React JS, Redux, Apollo Client, Graph QL, Styled Components, Sass, Jest, Enzyme, Testcafe, Mocha
  • Added enhancement and fixed bugs in Ember js app
  • Secured data sharing from Ember JS app to React JS
  • Contributed to multiple internal library on various form components and API requests
  • Contributed to the Bloomberg UI framework of core React JS components

Grace Hopper Program - (January 2019 - May 2019)

E-Commerce Website – HOPFLIX
Web app for selling movies.
Tech Stack - React JS, Redux, Express JS, Postgres, Heroku, TravisCI, Stripe, Enzyme, Jest, Mocha, Stripe
Voice Blog
Read or Post blogs to Medium using Alexa Skill and Medium API.
Tech Stack - AWS Lambda using Node.js, AWS API Gateway, Medium API
WebApp that detects User Yoga Poses and their accuracy.
Tech Stack - ml5 Machine Learning, Posenet, React JS, Heroku, MustardUI
Video - YogI Capstone Project


Software Engineering Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy of Code 2019
Master of Technology in Applied Electronics Bharath University, 2014,
Score - 9.23 /10 CGPA, Gold Medalist
Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Anna University 2009,
Cumulative score - 81%
Certifications AWS Fundamentals- Going cloud Native – Coursera 2020
AWS Fundamentals- Building serverless applications – Coursera 2020
IOT Certification - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2017