Time Management

Timing your tickets, issues or task helps you not to get stuck. When I was a fresh software engineer, I took a task ticket, (which is like a small research work), I was determined to finish it. Took 3 days and I did come up with something complicated and reached out to my team lead. He in turn reached out to tech architect as my solution works but was way too complicated. The tech architect suggested to change the architecture as it is not worth to implement the complicated solution.

I was, at first, feeling like I won the Noble prize for solving it. But it all comes to

  • Why we need to do that
  • What can be done to avoid that
  • Is it worth to implement the solution
  • Is it worth to change the architecture for a long run.

I did learn a lot when I did the task and personally grasped the tech. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to how much I contributed to the project, team, company etc. No one blames but make sure not to repeat it.

Things I learnt

  • Time your tickets and reach out for help in time
  • Document your findings
  • Ask as many questions, at every point in time before making a decision