Documentation of setup, requirements, every sprint story etc, will certainly help the team and also on boarding a new member to the team. The process might look simple, but documenting it saves time and company resources.

Documenting questions is a good way to help you and also fellow engineers in saving company resources,undetermined goal, unclear requirement.

I always maintaining a document or confluence page (in my company) or my personal wiki page of requirements and questions.

Before every sprint review and grooming,

  • If I am demo-ing a feature, I make sure I presented all points in the feature, in addition, quote or compliment the engineer responsible for the feature.
  • Make sure I demo-ed all the feature in the sprint.
  • I go over next sprint and tickets as a home work, note down the requirements and questions I have. I share the link with my team. My team members will go over the content and will answer my questions if they know or will be discussed during grooming with the client. Also makes sure, every team member is in the same page as far we understand the goal of the project. This also helps save some time for the client.

It also helps in repitation of work. It is important to document the steps taken, but also important to mention why this step was taken. Also why not alternate step or why alternate step did not work. A new engineer onboarding will certainly get the same questions and tend to go through the same “Rabbit hole”, we have been before.

Documentation looks like a painful process and doesn’t make sense when we are solving some very important issues or developing features but always make some time to update the document as a routine.