No questions are dumb. Making assumptions are dangerous

Most of the software engineers on their first job (including me), make assumptions, thinking that our questions are simple, basic, practical and asking them would make our stupidity and ignorance becomes evident to this world and we are fired from our role. Thats dramatic.

One thing I learnt in the job is to ask as many questions as possible.

As a start, we can frame those questions as,
“I have a question or more like a statement. Correct me if I am wrong, If this x is done in this way, then y happens and we are aware of z things that might also happen”.

This helps in walk through of the story and all the base cases and side effects. Also gives a complete picture of the requirement and helps in evaluating the story points, timeline etc.

Also making a note of the questions and answers also helps for QA, trust me, at some point, another engineer or qa will go through this process and will get these questions.